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Professional Training in US Tax and Accounting

Two successful names in the education industry, Phoenix Institute and Silver Oak University have come together to provide an extensive learning experience in the field of US Tax and Accounting.

Silver Oak University along with Phoenix Institute offers advanced and comprehensive training programs opening employment opportunities in various US Tax and Accounting practising Businesses and Organizations. Both training programs comprise detailed theory and practical sessions that make candidates fluent with all the necessary aspects of Taxation and Accounting which make candidates industry-ready.

Advantages of Learning with Us
  • Training from Industry Experts
  • Comprehensive Theoretical and Practical sessions
  • Unlimited Practice Tests for Deep Learning
  • University Recognized Certificate & Degree
  • Chance to Work inTop KPOs and MNCs
  • Guaranteed Placements on Exam Clearance*

*Subject to pass examination

Our Courses

Jump-Start Your Career by Doing the Most Practical
3-Month Certificate Course in US Accounting and Taxation

Learn the nuances of US accounting and US tax return filing in our Certificate Course. This curriculum has been designed exclusively for the students of SOU, by the CPAs and the US tax experts with industry experience of nearly two decades. Get hands-on experience in the practical sessions where you will actually go through the US tax return preparation and filing process.

Course 1 Details

Course Duration will be of 3 Months.

Application Fees: Rs. 250, Course Fees: Rs. 40,000 + GST
Examination Fees: Rs. 2,500

Students of Final/Second year of B. Com Through Entrance Test

Placement Conditions:
Students who successfully clear course with First class will get guaranteed Placement

Course Content


  1. Accounting and US Terminology
  2. Creating a chart of account
  3. Customer
    • Creating invoice
    • Receive payment
    • Creating a credit note
  4. Vendor
    • Creating Bills
    • Make payment
    • Credit note
  5. Banking
    • Check
    • Deposit
    • Transfer
    • Bank Reconciliation
  6. Inventory
    • Create inventory
    • Build assembly
  7. Y/E journal entry
  8. Reporting



  1. Filling Status
  2. Types of Income:
    • Wages
    • Interest & dividends
    • Capital Gain
    • Business and profession Income – Sch. C
    • Rent and Royalty income
    • Passive pass-through activity income – K-1
    • Miscellaneous Income
  3. Standard and Itemized Deduction
    • Medical Expense
    • Charitable contribution
    • Taxes
    • Interest
  4. Taxes
    • Self-employment taxes
    • AMT
    • Investment tax
  5. Credits
    • Personal Credits
    • Business credits
    • Foreign Tax credits
  6. Depreciation
  7. NOL
  8. Understanding of source document
  9. FBAR and Foreign Financial Asset



  1. Overview of Partnership
  2. Formation of Partnership
  3. Types of partnership
  4. Accounting period of partnership
  5. Transaction between partner and partnership
  6. Accounting Method: Accrual Vs. Cash
  7. General partner and Limited partners
  8. Partners’ capital account VS Basis of partner
  9. Recourse non-recourse liability
  10. 1065 IRS form overview line by line

S Corporation

  1. Overview of S Corp
  2. Qualifications
  3. Electing S Corporation Status
  4. Impact of S Corp Election – Corporation Vs. Shareholder
  5. S Corporation Vs. C corporation Vs. Partnership Comparison
  6. Compensation of Officers
  7. Accumulated Adjustment account
  8. Reconciliation Retained earnings to AAA
  9. Shareholder Basis
  10. 1120 S IRS form overview line by line

C Corporation

  1. Overview of Corporation
  2. Formation of Corporation
  3. Basis of Property
  4. Shareholder Tax consequence
  5. Life insurance Premium
  6. Dividend and special deduction
  7. Overview of E&P
  8. Business Credit
  9. Tax calculation
  10. Accumulated earning Tax

Common Topics

  1. Depreciation
  2. Sale of assets and capital gain
  3. Separately stated Items
  4. Book a tax adjustment
  5. State taxation overview
  6. International taxation – basic overview


  • Soft skill training
  • High success rate of placements in the
    US Accounting Firms with attractive salary package
  • Both Graduated Students & Accounting
    Professionals can take this course
  • Get career opportunities as an Accountant, Accounting Manager,
    Tax Planner. Tax Preparer, Tax Specialist, Budget Analyst,
    Internal Auditor, Financial Planner
Join the course at Silver Oak University
Get ready for a job in the US before you actually go with
One-Year Diploma Course in US Tax and Accounting

Get enrolled in an advanced and comprehensive training program opening employment opportunities in various US tax and accounting practising businesses and organizations. This course also includes preparation for Enrolled Agent Examinations. An Enrolled Agent is a tax professional who has demonstrated competence in tax preparation and representation matters. Enrolled Agents generally have unlimited practice rights, meaning they can represent any taxpayer regarding any tax matter before any IRS office. To know more about Enrolled Agent Exam Preparation, visit EA Exam Preparation Course.

Course 2 Details

Course Duration:

Course duration will be of 1 year


10+2 or Equivalent through online entrance test


Application Fees: Rs. 250
Course Fees: Rs. 85,000 + GST
Examination Fees: Rs. 2,500
Enrolment Fees: Rs. 1,500

Course Content

US Taxation

  • Individual Taxation
  • Business Taxation
  • Representation, Practice and Procedures
  • Drake software training to file various types of Tax Returns

US Accounting

  • Brief knowledge about US Accounting Procedures
  • Quick Book accounting software Training


Students who want to appear for the Enrolled Agent examination needs to pay $658 to various U.S. Agencies which will be over and above course fees and need to pay by Students. Phoenix Institute will guide students for the same.

  • You can also apply for a job in the US with this education
  • Learn both – Business Taxation and Individual Taxation
  • Globally recognized course which can be taken by Graduates, Post-Graduates, Professionals, Academicians and Commerce Students
  • Work in Top KPOs and MNCs around the world
Join the course at Silver Oak University

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